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“It’s not about seducing men. It’s about embracing womanhood.”
Dita Von Teese


When most women think of doing a boudoir session, it's meant as a gift for someone else. But boudoir is so much more than that. It's a life-changing experience for yourself.

As women, we all tend to struggle with self image at some point in our lives. As we grow older our careers and attention to our families sometimes cause us to forget our beauty and sexuality.

It is my goal to help you see yourself in a new light. To show you the beautiful, strong, sexy woman that you are!

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Rebecca is an extremely talented photographer who is such a pleasure to work with. She knows how to capture women in a way that captures their individuality and beauty, and has an eye for capturing intimate moments between couples! I've worked with Rebecca twice now, and look forward to working with her many more times!


When I did my solo session with Rebecca, I was super hesitant and it was showing in the pictures. Rebecca immediately got me comfortable, let me pick some music and BAM pictures turned out perfectly. Just like the engagement shoot, she helped me pos and got me super comfortable! 


Rebecca is AMAZING!! She is so passionate about photography and is truly an incredible person. She captures the perfect moments and memories and does any and everything to make you feel beautiful! 


I did my first session with Rebecca almost a year ago and absolutely fell in love!! And have since done two additional sessions. It's such an uplifting experience, and the photos always turn out so beautiful. She does everything she can to make you feel comfortable and always comes up with the most creative ideas. I can't wait to schedule my next session with her. Always an amazing time.


I have worked with Rebecca for a few years now and it has been an incredible experience every time. Her photos are always so stunning. When it comes to her boudoir sessions, it means so much to have someone make you comfortable while you're doing the shoot itself. Then when you see the photos, nothing compares to the way you feel about yourself. She loves making women love themselves.